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RoadmapThe RoadmapHere you'll find a list of features that have been requested by our customers. If you don't see a feature or fix in our plans, please contact us and make a request. Stream Alerts is your service and we can only improve with your input. Thank you!

  • HDS Stream Monitoring - This has been requested for some time and will be implemented within Q2 of 2014.
  • Restful API - The API will enable complete control over your Stream Alerts account without having to access the control panel so you can update settings or monitor status programmatically. Initially the API will support JSON formatted data and if requested, we can support other formats in the future. We'll start off with basic features in Q2 of 2014 with support for adding, editing and retreiving the status of streams and continue adding calls until the entire account is covered.
  • Graphs - Everyone loves pretty graphs so expect to see this in the control panel in Q3 of 2014.
  • Connection Statistics - This will include details such as the time to resolve a name, time to receive the first byte, etc.
  • MBR and Playlist Full Test - Instead of testing a single feed from multi-bitrate streams and playlists, a future update (for Advanced accounts) will automatically test all bitrates and streams in a playlist with a single URL.
  • New Website - We'll have an entirely new website in Q4 2014 based on the API and updated HTML techniques. The goal will be to include support for mobile devices as well.
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