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Payload Monitoring Service
Stream Alerts is proud to be the first company to offer Content Payload Monitoring services. Now you can rest assured that your stream is not only available for your customers, but it is definitely sending the audio and video that you intended.

The "Watch and Listen" dogOur system actually listens to the audio in your stream and will send you an alert if it goes silent or gets so loud as to cause distortion. It also watches your video for motion, sending an alert if it freezes. Other monitoring systems just see if your stream is putting out data and happily let you know everything is fine even though you might be broadcasting a silent, black void of nothingness. We also provide data about playback times, buffering duration, streaming bitrate and more.

Payload data graphMany live streamers have an automation system, satellite or separate source of programming feeding ther streaming encoders. Unfortunately the encoders will keep streaming data even if they don't have any content to send out. Our Payload service will make sure your stream has real, live content and will send you an alert the instant there is a problem. Our servers monitor your stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or if you like, you can schedule monitoring for only the times you have content available. Our Content Payload Monitoring service also includes Availability Monitoring just to make sure your stream is always available.

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Type of Stream Most audio and video formats. Flash Audio and Video coming soon.
Payload Monitoring Frequency Full-Time or Scheduled
Availability Monitoring Frequency 5 Minutes
Contacts to Receive Alerts Unlimited
Login Accounts Unlimited
Detailed Error Reports and Error Messages Yes
Email Notifications (Cell Phones, Pagers, Etc.) Yes
Scheduled Monitoring Yes
Stream Groups Yes
Contact Groups Yes
Monitoring History Yes
XML/JSON Status Yes
Playlist Support Yes
Variable Contact Alerting Intervals Yes
Automatic Traceroutes on Failure Yes
MBR Support Yes
Advanced Stream Configuration Yes
Call URL on Failure Yes
Call URL on Recovery Yes
Use your SMTP Host Yes
Alert Filters Yes
Base Cost (includes the first stream)

Pricing depends on audio only or audio and video monitoring as well as the stream bitrate.

Audio only starts at $50 USD/month

Video and Audio starts at $95 USD/month

Yes Feature included
No Featue not include

For definitions of terms, visit our Glossary page.

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Some of the streaming servers and services that we can monitor!
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