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Basic Monitoring Service
The Basic Content Availability Monitoring Service is great for monitoring a few streams that are not particularly mission critical. Each stream is checked every fifteen minutes and if there is a failure, up to 5 different people can be notified. You even get full history and error reporting to boot.

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Type of Stream HTTP, MMS, RTSP, RTMP, MSBD
Monitoring Frequency 15 Minutes
Contacts to Receive Alerts 5
Login Accounts 1
Detailed Error Reports and Error Messages Yes
Email Notifications (Cell Phones, Pagers, Etc.) Yes
Scheduled Monitoring No
Stream Groups No
Contact Groups No
Monitoring History Yes
XML/JSON Status No
Playlist Support Yes
Variable Contact Alerting Intervals Yes
Automatic Traceroutes on Failure No
MBR Support No
Advanced Stream Configuration No
Call URL on Failure No
Call URL on Recovery No
Use your SMTP Host No
Alert Filters No
Stream Alerts Banner Optional
Base Cost (includes the first stream) $10.00 / Month
Additional Streams $3.00 / Month, Per Stream
Additional Nodes $1.50 / Month

Yes Feature included
No Featue not include

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