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Our competition connects to your stream for about 30 seconds every five minutes and checks for data. However they never look into your stream to see if you're actually putting out audio and video content. Our Content Payload Monitoring service actually listens and watches your stream to make sure your encoder is working properly and sending content. If the audio goes silent or the video freezes, we'll send you an alert.

Audio: When monitoring audio, you set a minimum audio level threshold in decibels, for example -120 Db. Then you configure an interval that tells the system to send an alert if both audio channels (or single channel if it's a mono stream) fall below the minimum threshold for the given amound of time, say 60 seconds.

Sample Video Quality GraphVideo: Just like audio monitoring, when tracking video, you set a minimum deviation threshold that tracks how much the image changes between frames. Once the deviation falls below the set threshold for the configured interval, you will receive a video alert.


Quality: Along with the audio and video alerts, we also track some very useful quality statistics such as:

  • Bitrate
  • Buffering time
  • Time to playback
  • Dropped audio and video frames
  • Frames Per Second

Future revisions will include alerts on these quality statistics as well.

How It Works - Contnet Availability Monitoring

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