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Most monitoring services only check your server or encoder's heart beat to see if they are online or not (usually via ICMP packets). This works well to determine whether or not your computer is on, but it doesn't tell you whether your stream is actually up and running. Our system goes much further by connecting to the stream as if an actual user was trying to listen. You can use Stream Alerts to check your streaming servers AND your encoders too so that you can find out exactly where the problem is.

Successful Test

Diagram of a successful Stream Alerts Test

  1. Our Stream Alerts servers send a request to the stream server using the proper streaming protocol.
  2. If the stream is up, then the server will start sending the stream to our servers.
  3. Stream Alerts logs the test as Passed and disconnects from the server in order to save bandwidth. Then we wait until the next test.

Failed Test

The first half of a failed Stream Alerts test

  1. Stream Alerts sends a request to the stream server using the proper streaming protocol.
  2. The server doesn't reply.
  3. If we don't hear from the server in 60 seconds, then we send the request again, up to 3 times until we hear from the stream.

       What happens when the stream fails
  4. The test failed so Stream Alerts sends a detailed email including the error message and code and even traceroute data to everyone in your Contacts list and logs the error. Then we wait for the next testing interval and repeat the process. As soon as your stream recovers, we'll send you an alert.
    New: Now on the first failure, we can call a URL of your choice to trigger any commands that can help your stream recover immediately. Use the URL to start a backup encoder or move your visitors to another server.

How It Works - Content Payload Monitoring

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