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Windows Media Encoder XML with Authentication

This one has been bugging me for quite a while: I needed to be able to run a live, PUSH encoding session on startup that was required to authenticate to the Windows Media Services server. When you use the WME GUI, clicking the Start Encoding button will pop-up a dialog box where you can enter in your user name and password. However if you save your encoding settings as a .WME file and try to run it using the WM Command Script, it won’t be able to authenticate and your stream will not start broadcasting. It took a lot of trial and error since I couldn’t find any documentation on what elements and attributes the server allows, but I found out how to make it work.  > More

FireDaemon Service Configuration

FireDaemon is a great program to run scripts and programs as a Windows Service so that you don’t have to logon the host and start them manually. It’s particularly useful over the basic Windows Task Scheduler in that it will gather standard output from the script you’re running so you can debug your scripts much easier. I’ll walk through an example of configuring a service to run a script such as a simple .BAT file that will start encoding an audio stream.

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Windows Media Encoder Startup Script

If you have a critical encoder streaming live audio for an Internet radio station or maybe video for a presentation then you want that encoder to be running all the time and you shouldn’t have to login and restart the encoder manually if the host computer loses power or reboots. The Windows Media Encoder has a wonderfully simple graphical user interface but unfortunately you cannot directly configure it as a service to run in the background when the host starts up. Fortunately Microsoft provides a command line script that you can use to start an encoding session on boot-up.

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Is it available right now? Was it available 30 minutes ago? Do you know the last time it was not available, for how long, how often etc? As consumers migrate from radio and television to the Internet, it's critical that your streaming media is available when they arrive at your site.

Stream Alerts remotely and independently monitors your streaming video and audio to give you the confidence that your media content is flawless. With our Availability service, as soon as your stream becomes unreachable, we will send you an email or SMS alert and even contact your system to trigger a backup system. Payload monitoring for live streams provides alerts if your audio goes silent or your video freezes as well as quality statistics such as how long it takes to start playing your stream.

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What should you monitor?
  • Internet Radio
  • IP TV
  • Web Cams
  • Webcast Presentations
  • Live Performances
  • On Demand Files
  • Webcasts
  • Traffic Cams
  • Media Encoders
  • Internet STLs
  • Phone and Video Conferencing
  • Sports Broadcasts

If you stream it, we'll monitor it. Catch problems before your customers do and make sure your content delivery service is living up to its promise. Take a look at our packages and monitor your streams today with the Stream Alerts testing, diagnostic and alerting service.

Currently supporting Windows Media, Flash, Real Media, Shoutcast, IceCast and more!

Just some stream types that we monitor including Windows Media, Real, Flash and Shoutcast
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