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began in 2005 when Greg Glassman needed a way to provide some of his streaming clients a reliable alerting system that would tell them when their stream had failed. The only options available for his clients were to purchase a dedicated server and software package or sign up for generic server "pinging." Monitoring programs were much too expensive for some of the streamers, a number of whom were simply hobbiests and didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on new equipment. Pinging services only checked to see if the streaming server was turned on, it couldn't tell if the actual stream was available or not.

Thus Stream Alerts was born, filling a much needed role in the streaming media industry. With redundant servers and customized monitoring software, clients could sign up to have one or dozens of streams monitored accurately and without having to purchase and maintain their own equipment.

In 2007 Stream Alerts was purchased by Euphoria Audio, enabling website, software and system upgrades. Our mission is to provide the best customer experince possible through a simple, easy to use interface and accurate, reliable stream monitoring. Stream Alerts is the customer's company, thus we operate as transparently as possible, letting you know what's going on behind the scenes and implementing changes from your feedback. We can only improve with your help and input so please write us with any complaints, compliments or suggestions! And thank you for supporting Stream Alert!

Chris Larsen
Owner and President
Euphoria Audio / Stream Alerts

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